Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My First Triathlon: The Beaver Freezer

Once I decided that I was going to participate in triathlons I had to pick a race. So I looked for races around my local area and found the first race of the season, the Beaver Freezer, in Corvallis, I was in!

This race happens in april which means lots of rain and cold but I was ready to do it anyway. The swim would be 20 lengths in the pool so that made me feel a little more comfortable. I trained through the winter and before I knew it it was the day before the race. I drove to Corvallis it was a nice sunny day, this must be a sign I thought. Checked into my hotel and it was hard to relax, the nerves were getting the best of me but I kept thinking to myself it will be fine the weather tomorrow will be like today. At around midnight I finally fell asleep.

At 5am I was rudely woken up by the alarm to frost on the cars and then about half an hour later pouring rain, of course. I got to the course watched other people set up and did what they did, the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed friendly so I started to relax.

Once I started to swim that was it, I had started now I just had to finish, all I wanted to do was finish. I left the pool, ran outside into the pouring rain, put on my rain gear rode in the rain, overheated, then ran in the rain and finished right in the middle of the pack. Once I caught my breath I thought to myself not bad! I wonder when the next race is?! Thats when I became a triathlete....


  1. That pic from Beaver Freezer says 2007, was that when you were there? I raced that year also, the rain was crazy! I remember running out of the pool to transition and water was everywhere. My first tri was the Canby Gator Grinder in 2005. Found this link on Beginner Triathlete, I haven't posted much lately, but I'm trierjen on there.

  2. Yeah this was my first one, I could not believe the rain. There was someone with an umbrella in the transition area, counld not believe it.

  3. Way to go on the Triathlons. I actually just recently decided to run a triathlon (maybe more if all goes well) also. I was really encouraged when I found your blog randomly and realized you were in the same position as I'm in. The Beaver Freezer this year is looking to be my first Tri, and I keep thinking everyone is going to be way out of my league, so it's good to hear your experience. Good job and good luck on others.