Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm still here!

I know I have not been on for a couple of weeks to write about running or triathlon but I am taking a break to recover from the marathon and traveling a nit so access to Internet and computers is very very limited. My break has been good although I miss training very much I will still be traveling for another couple of weeks so I will not be able to train properly until then I am not sure I can handle it!

Thank you to everyone for the nice
marathon coments. Ok o will right again soon if there are any typos sorry it's because I am using my iPod to write this. More posts soon as long as I can find an Internet conection!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Portland Marathon Finisher!

Today is Monday yesterday was Sunday October 10th 2010 the day of the Portland Marathon. The weather was typical Portland weather, POURING rain. I woke up around 4:30 am to get downtown and be able to park without having to worry too much. Everything went according to plan.

Once I was downtown I had a little more food and got into my nice pre race outfit, the garbage bag, to try and keep me warm and dry. I waited around for the race to start and there were gusts of wind and lots of rain! Then at 7am the first wave went, I was in the 3rd wave and off we went a few minutes later.

I ran and ran in the rain there was a drum line at the start that was great, and at mile five I started encountering problems. I had to stop stretch and take some Advil. Then at mile 12 or 12.5 I had to stop and stretch again. This was the story for the rest of the marathon. Go a mile walk a little stop stretch out the IT band and run again.

I did not get discouraged. Once I trekked up to the St. John's bridge (mile 17) I knew I was going to make it, in pain but I was going to make it.

I ran some more, stretched some more and finished in 4 hours 34 minutes. I was aiming for 4 hours but hey it took me 30 minutes longer nothing to be ashemed of, it was a great day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two days until the Portland Marathon

The 2010 Portland Marathon is 2 days away! Yes only 2 days away! I am nervous and also worried about my knee I am icing right now due to last minute ITBS problems I have not been running properly in about 2 weeks. Have I lost my fitness level I wonder no I don't think so but I am still nervous and do not know what to expect.

I did go to the Expo today and it was lots of fun and we got some great stuff in the goody bag. A short sleeve training shirt, a finishers coin, a pendant, a poster, all sorts off good stuff and we are still getting more when we cross the finish line!

After the race (I hope I finish) I will give you guys an update.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bad News Bad News

The 2010 Portland Marathon is 1 week away. I have been training for this for months it will be my first marathon. The training had been going well even with all my triathlon commitments and last week I got struck with some knee pain caused by my IT band. I ran 10 miles las Saturday and when I was done my knee really hurt I aced and stretched and hoped for the best.

On Wednesday the training schedule said I should run 5 miles at race pace which I skipped as my knee was still bothering me. On the training schedule for today was an 8 mile run. I started off ok about 1 mile into it both of my knees started to hurt a little. I stoped and stretched my IT band on both legs and continued to run my left knee which almost never gives me problems stopped hurting but my right knee was still bothering me. At 2 miles I decided to turn around and come home I am currently icing. I can't believe this so close to the Portland Marathon and now I have these It band and knee problems I am not sure what to do! I guess the best option is to ice, stretch, rest, and do the best I can on race day.....