Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rev3 Portland Location Change

The Rev3 Portland Half Ironman is only 9 days away! Yes only 9 days away the big day is almost here! The course has been changed though it is no longer going to start in the heart of Portland now it will be at Blue Lake park. I am a little disappointed about this but at the same time there are some positives that will come out of this for me. The Marine Drive Blue Lake course is a course I am very familiar with, in fact it is my regular training route so in theory I know exactly what to expect.

I am starting to taper a little to get ready for the big day I'm nervous about it I hope I can do it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Lake Done!

On Saturday I participated in the Blue Lake sprint triathlon and the results were good. 7th in age group and 23 overall out of about 200 women. It was an interesting race, I have done this course many times but this time it was really different die to some flooding at Blue Lake.

The start of the triathlon was shifted over so the swim portion was in a different direction that usual and then the transitions, especially the bike transition was really long, a lot longer than usual.

The swim was ok just average I did it in 14:30 I was hoping to do it about a minute faster but I was never able to just get a clear shot during the swim and I was starting to grow pretty frustrated which is not helpful.

Bike was about 39 minutes at an 18.2mph pace I felt good on the bike I think all this training for the Rev3 Half Ironman is helping me. I just need to try and get a little faster. Quite a few people were getting flats, I'm really glad I was not one of them.

The run was the run. I did it in 25:22 I think this is the fastest by a few seconds I have done the run in I did have some trouble breathing though it must be because all the flowers are starting to bloom.

So I finished in 1:24:33 the actual results say a minute longer but for some reason my age group got tacked on an extra minute during the swim I guess they made us start 1 minute early? I'm not sure but my real time was 1:24:33. Anyway less than a month a way from the Rev3.......

Friday, June 10, 2011

Am I ready for Blue Lake

Tomorrow I have a "training" triathlon in preparation for the Rev3 half Ironman. Its the Blue Lake sprint triathlon which I have done many times. It is a lake swim with a flat bike course on somewhat closed roads with a run on a path a nice little race. There has been some flooding this year so the course will be a little different than it has been in the past as they had to move transition to another area because as I witnessed yesterday the transition area looks like a lake!

I think I am ready for this race I should be as fit as I ever have since I have been training for the Rev3. I haven't been able to focus on the race at all this week because almost a week ago my dog got attacked by another dog (8 stitches in 2 different lacerations and a dislocated toes with a fracture but he is going to be ok) so as you can imagine I have been preoccupied with that and spending lots of time nursing him back to health. Maybe this is a good thing, I have not been able to get stressed out or nervous about the race because I am thinking and worrying about my dog. Tomorrow we will see I really hope its a good race.

Friday, June 3, 2011

That was a hard 10 mile run!

I just got back from my 10 mile run (90 min) and it was hard! I really struggled with it today and unfortunately I have developed some pain in my knee due to IT band issues. I woke up this morning with the intention of going on a 50 mile ride but when I woke up there was so much for I decided to do my run today instead. I ate my regular breakfast and set out to run. The first half went fine I had a pretty good pace and then all of the sudden when I turned around at the half way point I just started to struggle I was getting stomach cramps and I was starting to wheeze. I wanted to stop so bad but I told myself that sometimes workouts are hard and jut keep going then my knee started to hurt on and off.

Now as I type this I am drinking lots of water and icing the knee. I'm glad I just stuck with it and finished the workout. Tomorrow 50 mile ride.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hard Week

My legs are tired, my body is tired, and my mind is tired but that is to be expected, I am training for a half Ironman after all! To complete the training for this weeks I still have to run 10 miles tomorrow and the day after that I have to ride 50 miles so the big workouts are still coming up.

The Rev3 Half Ironman is only a little over a month away and I feel like I am doing the best I can to get prepared but some weeks are better than others. Right now I am focusing on my "practice race" the Blue Lake Sprint triathlon which will be in one week from Saturday. Ok time to go eat after a ride. Tomorrow I will update you on my 10 mile run I hope it goes great.