Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Track Workout

As part of my training for the 2010 Portland Marathon and just to get faster in general I am doing track work every Wednesday. Yes track work, it is very very hard. I started it two weeks ago basically what I am doing is running 400 meters in about 1 minute 44 seconds and then resting for two minutes. Then do it all over again.

The first week I had to do 6 400 meters and I thought I was not going to make it. Last week it was 8 and this week it is 10. All the experts say that this will help me get faster in general so I am counting on it. I feel like I am getting faster and I guess that is what matters. Ok off to the track I go.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

9 mile run (Portland Marathon)

Today was the second long run for my training for the Portland Marathon which will be taking place on October 10. On the menu was a 9 mile run at about a 10 minute per mile pace. The run went well with about half a mile to go the top of my left foot started to hurt which is worrying me a little. I also went a little too fast, my constant problem but I tried really hard to maintain the pace. My average pace was 9:48 as I said too fast but I guess at least I am in the general area.

My body feels good. I hope that this training program works and I am able to break the 4 hour mark on my first marathon! Next Saturday 11 miles.

On a side note with about 2 and a half miles to go I almost got hit by a car as someone rolled through a stop sign while I was already halfway into the street. To be fore the lady was apologetic but come on people stop signs mean stop!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Active Day of Triathlon Training

Today was another beautiful day in the Portland area and I took full advantage of it. Since I am trying to get ready for Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon I went out on my bike in the morning to try and get some hill repeats in. They were hard.

Later on I went for a really nice long one hour walk and then I rode to the Willamette River to get a City of Portland training swim in. People are supposed to meet every Thursday until the actual triathlon but only four people showed up including me. One person left before the other two arrived so then there were just three of us. We were a little worried that there were not enough of us, you know safety in numbers...... so we just swam around the marine and the water was COLD! Anyway that was today not I am tired I just wish more people would have shown up for the swim.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday Willamette River Swim

Ok so last week there was a sewage warning for the Willamette River in the Portland area so unfortunately I was not able to do the organized swim for the City of Portland Triathlon. The rain has stopped and there is no longer a sewage warning so tomorrow I am going to go check it out. This is exciting I want to practice my open water swimming and get my shoulder stronger as it has been inactive for a very long time.

The weather is getting nicer, I just heard on the news that today was the warmest day so far in the Portland area. 82 degrees! yes its true! For the swim tomorrow it will be in the mid 70s and the river water is probably cold but I think its going to be lots of fun. If you are going see you there!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I Crazy?!

Training for the Portland Marathon has started, it started on June 14th and yesterday was my first long run day in the training program. It was a 7 mile run at about two minutes slower than what I hope my marathon pace will be. The run went well I was able to maintain my pace pretty well so I was happy with that. When I got home my roommate was getting ready to leave on her 7 mile jog so I decided to eat a bar change shirts and go back out with her!

She runs at a slower pace than I do so I figured it would be fine. It went fine, when I had about 3 miles left in the run my knee started to feel a bit inflamed but other than that it went well. I was good for my morale to get 14.2 miles in yesterday but I don't think I will be running double again as I am a little sore today. My friends and family think I'm nuts!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Great AM Ride on Marine Drive!

I woke up at 5am today so I could go on a 16 mile bike ride before watching the USA vs Slovenia World Cup Match. What a great ride after days of rain and wind it was a great day for a ride. The wind was not too strong, it was not raining, and there was even a hint of sun!

It is also prime time for the airport at around 5am so it was also fun to watch the planes take off while I was ridding! So far a great start to the day. Now if only USA could win the Soccer game. After that off to go hiking, I better enjoy the nice weather while I can!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Willamette River Swim

Starting on June 17 2010 there will be a group of people meeting at the Willamette River to practice their open water swimming, yes I did say the Willamette River! I know I know the river is dirty, you can't believe anyone would swim in it thats for crazy people with no sense but I am going to participate in this "craziness".

I have participated in the Portland Triathlon two years in a row and when I mention that we will me swimming in the Willamette people tend to make a strange noise followed by a strange face. They then ask him why I am doing it am I not scared? No I am not stared, the levels of bacteria are tested all the time if it were not safe we would be told we cannot swim in the river. The Portland Triathlon is a great race that is trying to bring awareness about the river by working with the Freshwater Trust. I am trying to support this and I hope other people do as well. You can swim in the Willamette!

So if you are interested in doing some open water swimming it takes place every Thursday starting on the 17th of June and ending the week before the triathlon on July 23. We meet at 6pm where the start of the triathlon is at Riverfront Marina. See you there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Training Program!

Yesterday was the first day of my new training program created by me after reading a few books and magazines. I have a few events coming up and I feel like I want to be really prepared for them and maybe break a couple of PRs so I really have to focus. The events coming up are Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon, Tour de Cure Ride For Diabetes, Amica Sprint Triathlon, City of Portland Olympic Triathlon, Eugene Women's Half Marathon, and Portland Marathon!

Yes quite a few events, I have never run a marathon and I have lofty goals for it! I was reading a book called 4 months to a 4 hour marathon so I am following the training in that book plus a few extras for my Eugene Half Marathon and Portland Marathon training. According to the book I can do it so I really, really, hope so.

For triathlon I am going to focus and riding a few more hills and getting some swims in now that my shoulder is heeled. My shoulder is still really weak from not using it but I think I am ready to swim. Every thursday starting on July 17 a group of people who are participating in the Portland Triathlon meet down by the Willamete River for a group open water swim it is a great way to practice.

Anyway today is day two every day I have at least two workouts, on today's menu, bike and swim!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Life on the Run

While I have been gone I spent some time reading some books. The two books I read were Once a Runner by John L. Parker and My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso. Both books were very enjoyable and I had a great time reading them. I have started to buy books that have running stories ever since I read Born To Run and really enjoyed and learned a lot from it. The only problem is that I know compare all books to Born to Run.

I highly recommend these books. Once a Runner is a good story about a runner and what it takes to achieve the highest level of competition. My Life on the Run is a great book about different stories that pertain to running and the different people who run and why they do it. It is a fast great easy read. Now I am trying to find a triathlon book along these lines, I can't seem to find any. Does anyone have any recomendations?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ready to Train Again!

Here I am back home it has not even been 24 hours but I am happy to be back home and able to train for triathlons again. I also have a half marathon in Eugene and the Portland Marathon to train for.

My next race is Hagg Lake on July 10, I have not ridden an bike or been swimming in at least a month and I have 4 weeks to get ready. I think I am going to give myself today off (there is a lot of yard work to do!) and start focusing on training tomorrow. So much to do! Weather permitting I will have a great bike ride tomorrow. I miss my bike!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am currently in Arizona, have been here for a few days and the heat is just killer. As someone who lives in Oregon it is just so hard for me to deal with 100 degree weather. I decided to go for a 5k yesterday and this morning at around 7:30 am when I figured it would not be as hot.

I was right it was not as hot but it was still very very hot. I guess I am just not used to the heat at all. I was able to run at a decent pace though so I feel better that I was able to get a couple of 5k races in. Once I get back to Oregon I am sure I will really enjoy the cooler weather!