Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bad News Bad News

The 2010 Portland Marathon is 1 week away. I have been training for this for months it will be my first marathon. The training had been going well even with all my triathlon commitments and last week I got struck with some knee pain caused by my IT band. I ran 10 miles las Saturday and when I was done my knee really hurt I aced and stretched and hoped for the best.

On Wednesday the training schedule said I should run 5 miles at race pace which I skipped as my knee was still bothering me. On the training schedule for today was an 8 mile run. I started off ok about 1 mile into it both of my knees started to hurt a little. I stoped and stretched my IT band on both legs and continued to run my left knee which almost never gives me problems stopped hurting but my right knee was still bothering me. At 2 miles I decided to turn around and come home I am currently icing. I can't believe this so close to the Portland Marathon and now I have these It band and knee problems I am not sure what to do! I guess the best option is to ice, stretch, rest, and do the best I can on race day.....

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  1. Continue what you are doing and pray! I'll be thinking of you all the way from France on your race day. Good luck! Denise