Monday, May 1, 2017

Terrapin Events Promo Code Oregon

Racing can get expensive with all the gear and all the signup fees but if you are in Portland and are interested in participating in one of the many Terrapin Events I have a 10% promo code for anyone to use. Yes 10% off!!! You can share it with anyone you like as well! The promo code is: AMB17CAAC Here is a list of 2017 Terrapin events, sign up at 02.11.17 The My Muddy Valentine 03.18.17 Dirty Leprechaun 04.09.17 Bridge to Brews 05.07.17 Cinco de Mayo 06.03.17 Mad Dash for Cash 06.17.17 Grateful Dad 07.22.17 Rose City Relay 08.05.17 Spring water on the Springwater 09.23.17 Country Girl 10.22.17 Run Like Hell The Rose City Relay looks like a really cool fun event to do with a group of people. Anyway you have a promo code now for Terrapin Events! Use it! Share it!

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