Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IT Band Troubles

The taper for the Portland Marathon started last week and unfortunately I have encountered some problems. On the marathon training menu I had a 10 mile run on Saturday. I was not too worried about running 10 miles yes it is a long distance but totally doable. The bad news came after 1 mile of running, my knee started to hurt. Sometimes after I warm up a bit the pain goes away but it just kept getting worse and worse with every mile until I decided to head home.

I ended up running 9 miles my knee hurt it is my IT band I am sure of it. I have been icing and stretching but it is still hurting me when I go up the stairs. On the training menu for tomorrow I have a 5 mile run at race pace and then a 8 mile run on Saturday. I am not sure if I will be able to do these. The Portland Marathon is a week and a half away and I am worried my IT band flaring up is not going to be helpful at all I hope I don't have to walk the whole marathon.....

I am very very worried.

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  1. I'll be sending you quick healing wishes for the next couple weeks, after all your hard work its not fair if you have to walk. Good luck. Denise