Friday, February 11, 2011

Back in the Pacific Northwest

After some time in the sun I am back in the pacific northwest I have been back for about 5 days now and training here seems very cold and on top of it I have managed to catch a cold which is really annoying.

My first race of 2011 will be the Beaver Freezer. I was able to sign up on February 1st but it was very very stressful. I did not have a good internet connection and on top of it the page was crashing! Every time it was time to check out the page would fail and I would have to start over again! I was getting so stressed out and nervous I thought I was not going to get in. I worked on it for an hour until finally I was able to get in!

On the triathlon workout menu for tomorrow my first long run in about a month I am going to go for 6 miles to try and ease into it I hope this bothersome cold does not bother me too much.

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