Monday, September 20, 2010

20 Mile run! For the Portland Marathon!

On Saturday I did my last "long" run before the Portland Marathon, the dreaded 20 mile run. I woke up in the morning got my breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries, one cup of coffee, and a small bagel with peanut butter ready the whole time hoping I would be able to complete the distance. I am currently away from home so my 20 mile training run would have to be in a place that I have been before but that I am not that familiar with for running and this was making me a little nervous.

Anyway once I had digested my breakfast, I grabed my Ipod, Garmin Forerunner, Nathan Fuel belt (which I just purchased) my honey Stinger Gels, and my Endurolytes Capsules and set off on a very very long run.

It was about 60 degrees humid but no rain when I started running I got into a good pace, I was going a little fast so I slowed down. I also took my Honey Stingers and Endurolytes every 5 miles. The running was going fine when I got to about 10 miles I was a little bored as I was running in large circles but it was going fine until mile 16. I really started to feel the pain then, and I cramped up a little and it was a little harder to breath. I kept going and at mile 17.5 there was a large hill so I decided to walk up it. From that point opn it was walk/run for the next 2.5 miles.

I think that my nutrition is a bit off.... Maybe I need more sodium and maybe I need to consume my honey stingers every 4 miles instead of 5 miles which would be about every 35 to 40 minutes. I feel like I will be able to finish the Portland Marathon but I just wish I would of been able to run for longer. Also when I stopped running I cramped up really really bad which again makes me feel like my nutrition was a little off. I hope I can do this! I hope I can also figure out the nutrition aspect ofthe Marathon before the actual event!


  1. Good job, I think you're going to do fine on 10-10-10! My friend gave me some books on running, I hope I'm able to find info in them that can help me when I come across problems like you had Saturday. I have thought about training for a marathon, the Yakima River Valley Marathon in April 2011. I have plenty of time to train for it but would be doing it all on my own. Still more thinking is needed.

  2. Thanks. Training for a marathon is hard, very hard, I also have been training by myself and it is a lonely world at times. If you set your mind to it you can do it though! Make sure you have enough time to train it takes hours!