Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Half Ironman Swim Distance Done!

I have been training for the Portland Rev3 Half Ironman for almost 2 months now and it has been hard. I did not expect it to be easy but this is really hard. Also I just took a close look at the course map and it looks like the bike course and the run course are going to be really challenging.

Yesterday I set out to swim the 1.2 Half Ironman swim distance without stopping. I just wanted to know that I was able to do the distance and I wanted to get a gage for how long it was going to take me. Earlier in the morning I had ridden 20 miles and then I rode 4 miles to the pool. I started swimming and almost right away my left shoulder blade started to bother me it felt really tired. I kept going, and going, and going and I was able to stay with it and I finished! I can swim the half Ironman distance. It took me 32 minutes and I know that was in a pool and it will not be the same as swimming in the river but I feel pretty happy with the time.

After my swim I rode home and felt pretty tired but happy that I have the swim distance down. Now for the bike and run distance I just have to keep telling myself I will get there!

1 comment:

  1. Don't despair.

    Feel good that you are actually out on the road! I haven't even made it off the spin bike yet!!!!

    Tomorrow is a new day!