Monday, May 16, 2011

Drinking Coke on a Bike Ride?

Since I have been suffering so much on the training for the bike portion of the Rev3 Half Ironman I have been trying to do some research on some things I can do to help that situation. I came across a couple of forums that suggested drinking coke with out the fizz towards the end of the ride to give a little boost of energy. I like soda, so I thought I would give it a try.

On Saturday I went on a 60 mile bike ride (it took me about 4hrs 12minutes) and I brought some coke with me in addition to water and Honey Stinger Gels. At around 30 miles I felt my energy levels dropping so I started sipping on the coke, I think it gave me a bit of a stomach ache but at the same time I feel like it actually gave me a little bit of a boost. I am not sure if it was psychological I will try it again next week when I have to ride 50 miles but I am almost certain it helped me. Enjoy the picture I took while on the ride!

Now off to a 40 minute run and 40 minute strength training. Yes an easy day!

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