Friday, May 13, 2011

Road ID Slim

I have always liked Road ID after years of use during swim bike run it was time to get a new Road ID. At the recent Beaver Freezer Triathlon I got some coupons for $2 off a Road ID product so I decided this was my chance to get a new Road ID and save some money. I looked at the many different options that this great company offers and that is when I came across the Road ID Slim.

The Road ID Slim caught my attention because I felt I was going to be able to use a Road ID have all my information available but not have something too bulky on my wrist. It is also the least expensive option at only $15.99. I ordered it and and just a few days later I had my brand new Road ID Slim the shipping was so fast! I really like this option and recommend it to people who want to wear he ID at all times and want something just a little smaller. Below is the description from the actual RoadID website.

The name speaks for itself. The Wrist ID Slim is the slimmest (or smallest) ID in our lineup. This pint-size fella may be diminutive in stature, but he is jam-packed with peace of mind. The Wrist ID Slim is worn by some top athletes, but this great ID is also perfect for kids. With its stylish and comfortable silicone band, you will be tempted to make a lifestyle statement and wear it 24/7. Like all our ID products, The Wrist ID Slim can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information and is available in both Original and Interactive versions. There are seven different colors to choose from. You (and your kids) will love wearing The Wrist ID Slim.

X-Small: fits wrists smaller than 6" (152mm)
Small/Medium: fits wrists 6" - 7" (152mm - 180mm)
Large: fits wrists 7" - 8" (180mm - 202mm)

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