Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Garmin Forerunner 735XT Review!

I gave in and traded in my fitbit surge (it kept dying on me, not syncing no battery hold) for the Garmin Forerunner 735XT a couple of weeks ago. This watch has a lot of functions so I am still trying to figure out all of the buttons but so far I love it. One of the main things I like about the 735XT is that it is very lightweight and can be worn as a watch without feeling too bulky.
Another thing that I really like so far about the 735XT is that it is able to find its GPS location really really quickly even when I am indoors and getting ready to go out which was not always the case with some other Garmin watches. This watch also acts as a smartwatch if one is into that and if you do not want alerts it can be set to do not disturb pretty easily.
The Garmin 375XT also has a heart rate monitor on the wrist, this specific function does not always work that great but its nice to have. If you want a heart rate monitor when swimming you have to upgrade to the triathlon package which I did not do. The swim functions on this watch are pretty good as well as it will count your laps.
I still have to mess around with it a little more but overall great watch for a triathlete and a great investment especially as it can actually be worn as a normal watch!

Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Eugene Marathon!

Two weeks ago I completed the Lima, Peru 70.3 Ironman exactly two weeks later I did the Eugene Marathon and it was a push! My body was still recovering from the 70.3 Ironman so I decided to stay with the 4:30 pacer for the whole Marathon. At around mile 19 I started to get a little hungry and had to slow down a little bit but in the end I still came in at 4:42 and I am pretty happy with that especially considering what I had done two weeks prior.
Why would I do the Eugene Marathon after the Peru 70.3 Ironman?! I had already signed up for the Eugene Ironman before I knew about the Peru 70.3 Ironman I figured since I was already signed up I should take on the challenge! Im glad I did it feels great to have finished both big events in a two week period!
This was my third time running in Eugene. It is such a great place to run and it is so fun to finish on the Hayward Field track, running in the footsteps of legends. Now I have to look at my nutrition and adjust that so I don't hit the wall at mile 19 again! here are a ew pictures of the 2017 Eugene Marathon.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


AS you may have read earlier I participated (and finished) the Ironman 70.3 Peru in Lima. I was lucky enough to borrow a Cervelo P3 bike and it was amazing! It was the first time I rode a bike that was so fast with ultra components and electronic shifters. The only problem now is that I have to give the bike now and I don't want to!!! For those of you who have not tried electronic shifting before it is truly amazing and so easy to shift. It is especially great on a triathlon bike because you are able to shift both at the end of the aero bars like one usually would but also by the break leavers so it really makes shifting a breeze. One main concern of mine was making sure the shifters were charged but I later learned that there is a way to check the charge and also the bike charges in about an hour and last for at least a week.
The Cervelo P3 that I had the pleasure of riding was a 2015 model I cannot speak for newer models but I would assume that they are just as great. Put some aero rims on that bike and it would be even faster! It is also a really smooth bike, there were a lot of speed bumps and speed stoppers on the Peru Ironman 70.3 course (I hope they do something about this for next year) and I cannot imagine how much more painful it would have been on another bike. As you can see in the above picture there was so much vibration the saddle came a little loose (it is pointed a little upwards) I even lost a water bottle!
Anyway the Cervelo P3 is a great bike and electronic shifters are great as well here are some specs on the bike:
Aero Basebar 3T Aura Pro
Aero Clip-On Bar 3T Aura Pro
Bar End Shifters Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, BSR1
Bottom Bracket Rotor PF-30
Brake Calipers Magura RT6 Hydraulic
Brake Levers Magura RT6
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 6800, 11-25
Chain Shimano HG700
Crankset FSA Gossamer BBright, 52/36
Fork All-Carbon, P3
Frame Material Carbon
Front Derailleur Shimano Ultegra 6800
Headset FSA IS2 1 1/8"
Pedals Not Included
Rear Derailleur Shimano Ultegra 6800
Saddle ISM Prologue
Seatpost Cervelo Carbon, Aero, Rail-Adjust
Stem 3T ARX Pro
Tires Mavic Yksion Comp 700x23c, Continental Grand Prix 650x23c (On The 45cm)
Wheel - Front Mavic Cosmic Elite S, Vision Team 30 (On The 45cm)
Wheel - Rear Mavic Cosmic Elite S, Vision Team 30 (On The 45cm)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Last week I completed the Ironman Peru 70.3. During the race both my bike computer and watch failed me, the screen just turned black on the bike computer and on my watch the multipart function did not work 100%, so now as a gift to myself I want to buy the Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Midnight Blue & Frost Blue. It looks like a really cool watch, good size for a device that has so much going on! I also love the color of it. Makes it look different and interesting. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT seems to have some great features like: -measuring heart rate at the wrist -fun swim features -ability to measure vow max -multisport options -are for those who are inclined to be connected it can connect with your smartphone and act as a smart watch in some capacity. These are just some of the features the Forerunner 735XT has many more! Amazon is selling it at $449.99 so it is a bit of an investment but once I save up I think it will be totally worth it. If you are looking for a triathlon Garmin with some of the same features I think the Garmin 920xt is a great option. I personally have not used it but I have talked to many other triathletes who love this watch. Amazon sells it for $224.99 Any thoughts on watches or computers? Garmin ir not?

Ironman Peru 70.3 Done!!!!

Last Sunday I became an Ironman 70.3 Peru finisher! The trip to Peru and back was long as I only had four days there but overall the experience was great. The organization of the race was fantastic and so was the support of the people on the streets especially for it being the first time Lima had an event of this size. The swim was a little choppier than I had anticipated but went really well once I was able to get my rhythm going. ​​ Off to the bike. I started off feeling comfortable and confident. I was concerned about the heat in general luckily although warm it was an overcast day which helped. Also it was not very windy which was nice. The main problem were the speed reducers. Lots and lots of them all over the course. This proved to be very hazardous and painful. Lots of people lost bottles, CO2 cartridges, sunglasses, tubes, got flats and even fell off their bikes. By the end of the 56 miles my back was starting to hurt from holding on to the bike so tight overtime I went over one of these. This should definitely be covered up in some way for next year. I unfortunately lost one of my water bottle with GLUKOS in it so by the end of the bike my nutrition was off. ​​   ​​The run! At this point the sun was starting to shine through, I was tired and my nutrition was off due to losing my water bottle on the bike course I know it was going to be a very long 13.1 miles. I took the first two miles to try an cool down my body as I could tell I was starting to overheat a little. I went into every aid station asking for ice, water and Pepsi. Put ice in my trip suit took a sip of water and dumped the rest on me and drank some Pepsi. Drinking the Pepsi really helped in the end I was able to pull it together and although slow was able to maintain a pace. ​​   That was the 70.3! As I said great time and lots of great support. Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey and a special thanks to Las Primas, GLUKOS, Sunshine Dairy/Sunshine Power, Grennlayer, and Rudy Project. ​​   ​​Whats next? Eugene Marathon in one week!

Bridge to Brews 2017 and Terrapin Promo Code!

Yesterday morning was bridge to brews one of my favorite races/runs in the Portland area. I participated in the 8k distance, which is such a fun distance! Also at the end of the run you get tickets for free beer from lists of different booths. This is the Last race before the big day at the Ironman 70.3 Lima which is just under two weeks away! The goal was to do better than last year and I was able to accomplish that. It was a great morning for a run nice crisp air. Running on the Fremont Bridge is always such a fun unreal experience. I was able to maintain pace throughout the race ad was able to adjust my speed very quickly when I was going to fast. All in all a very good day and I came in 3rd in my division and 16th out of the women! As always thank you to GLUKOS and Sunshine Dairy for the pre race and post race fuel. Thanks Terrapin for putting on such a fun race. There are many more runs this year here is a link to their website: www.terrapinevents.com Also if you use promo code AMB17CAAC you get 10% off! Enjoy! Here are a couple of pictures from the event.

Terrapin Events Promo Code Oregon

Racing can get expensive with all the gear and all the signup fees but if you are in Portland and are interested in participating in one of the many Terrapin Events I have a 10% promo code for anyone to use. Yes 10% off!!! You can share it with anyone you like as well! The promo code is: AMB17CAAC Here is a list of 2017 Terrapin events, sign up at www.terrapinevents.com 02.11.17 The My Muddy Valentine 03.18.17 Dirty Leprechaun 04.09.17 Bridge to Brews 05.07.17 Cinco de Mayo 06.03.17 Mad Dash for Cash 06.17.17 Grateful Dad 07.22.17 Rose City Relay 08.05.17 Spring water on the Springwater 09.23.17 Country Girl 10.22.17 Run Like Hell The Rose City Relay looks like a really cool fun event to do with a group of people. Anyway you have a promo code now for Terrapin Events! Use it! Share it!

Vancouver Rock n Roll half marathon!

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Rock'N'Roll Vancouver, Canada Half Marathon and it was a ton of fun! It was my first time going to Vancouver so I was really excited to see the city by running 13.1 miles. I trained really hard for this race by doing lots of long runs and speed work and although I did not PR my time has improved greatly over the past few years. ​​ ​​   I like to analyze my race as most athletes though and my main problem was that I started off way too fast. I realized it about two miles in and was able to adjust my pace but some of the damage had already been done and come mile 10 I started to feel tired and had to slow down a bit. My nutrition was great and my body felt great throughout. My final time for 13.1 was 1:56:29. Overall 1104/5272, Division 72/489 Gender 379/3232. As I said overall a good result just went out a little too fast early in the race. My first mile was 7:40 minute mile and the second mile was 8:06. Here ore some post race pictures.
This is me in July 2011. The goal was to complete a Half Ironman and open a restaurant for my 30th birthday and I was able to do both! ​​   That was the first and last time I did the half ironman triathlon distance. I have participated in quite a few sprint and olympic distance triathlons, as well as several half marathons and the Portland Marathon but this was the biggest sporting challenge of my life! Later that year Sadie and I opened Las Primas and participating in sporting events took a back seat for a couple of years. About three years ago I started training for half marathons again. In September Ironman announced the first ever Ironman 70.3 will take place in Lima, PerĂº! I've decided this is my chance to train hard again and participate in such an important event in my hometown. Follow my journey through this blog. I will be reminiscing about past events, writing about training, diet and my very generous supporters.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long long time

I have been on break from writing for a while a lot has been going on. After I finished my half ironman I took a little bit of a break from training, I also went on a very short vacation and then got a really bad cold so last week I have slowly been getting back into training.

I better get back into action I have a The Portland Spint Triathlon on the 21st of August and Hood to Coast the weekend after that. I am usually a morning runner but in an attempt to to try and prepare a little more fore Hood to Coast I am going to try and run a little later in the day today so we will see how that goes. My problem tends to be as soon as it gets a little warm I can no longer run.... So we will see. I will keep you posted!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rev3 Half Ironman Finished!

One week ago I finished the Rev3 Half Ironman! My goal was to finish and finish I did! The race was extremely difficult for me and as someone who lives in Oregon I felt like that day was really hot I got quite the sunburn on my shoulders. It took me 6 hours 55 minutes to finish, 25 minutes longer than the time I had anticipated.

The swim went well for me as usual it took me about 34 minutes to finish the 1.2 mile swim. When I got out of the water I felt good and took my wetsuit off right away and put my running shoes on as the first transition was half a mile away from the swim exit.

The bike was fine. Everyone passed me on the bike and I had to focus on no speeding up to keep up with them. I finished the bike in 3 hours 25 minutes. For me that was a good pace. One section of the bike course was so bumpy I lost a water bottle so it was a good thing there were so many aid stations on the bike course.

The run well the run was not all running. When I got off the bike I had some asthma so it was really hard for me to continuously run. I spent all 13.1 miles running as much as I could then doing some walking and then running again. (Brian it was nice seeing you on the run course, man that was tough!) The half marathon took me 2 hours 44 a lot longer than when I just run the 13.1 all on it own.

I am happy with the race, I am happy I finished and it was all really well organized even though they had a last minute venue change. The one thing that I think could have been better is that when us slower people were finishing it seemed like they were packing it up and running out of food. I would be nice it they kept everything up until everyone crosses the finish line,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rev3 Portland Location Change

The Rev3 Portland Half Ironman is only 9 days away! Yes only 9 days away the big day is almost here! The course has been changed though it is no longer going to start in the heart of Portland now it will be at Blue Lake park. I am a little disappointed about this but at the same time there are some positives that will come out of this for me. The Marine Drive Blue Lake course is a course I am very familiar with, in fact it is my regular training route so in theory I know exactly what to expect.

I am starting to taper a little to get ready for the big day I'm nervous about it I hope I can do it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Lake Done!

On Saturday I participated in the Blue Lake sprint triathlon and the results were good. 7th in age group and 23 overall out of about 200 women. It was an interesting race, I have done this course many times but this time it was really different die to some flooding at Blue Lake.

The start of the triathlon was shifted over so the swim portion was in a different direction that usual and then the transitions, especially the bike transition was really long, a lot longer than usual.

The swim was ok just average I did it in 14:30 I was hoping to do it about a minute faster but I was never able to just get a clear shot during the swim and I was starting to grow pretty frustrated which is not helpful.

Bike was about 39 minutes at an 18.2mph pace I felt good on the bike I think all this training for the Rev3 Half Ironman is helping me. I just need to try and get a little faster. Quite a few people were getting flats, I'm really glad I was not one of them.

The run was the run. I did it in 25:22 I think this is the fastest by a few seconds I have done the run in I did have some trouble breathing though it must be because all the flowers are starting to bloom.

So I finished in 1:24:33 the actual results say a minute longer but for some reason my age group got tacked on an extra minute during the swim I guess they made us start 1 minute early? I'm not sure but my real time was 1:24:33. Anyway less than a month a way from the Rev3.......

Friday, June 10, 2011

Am I ready for Blue Lake

Tomorrow I have a "training" triathlon in preparation for the Rev3 half Ironman. Its the Blue Lake sprint triathlon which I have done many times. It is a lake swim with a flat bike course on somewhat closed roads with a run on a path a nice little race. There has been some flooding this year so the course will be a little different than it has been in the past as they had to move transition to another area because as I witnessed yesterday the transition area looks like a lake!

I think I am ready for this race I should be as fit as I ever have since I have been training for the Rev3. I haven't been able to focus on the race at all this week because almost a week ago my dog got attacked by another dog (8 stitches in 2 different lacerations and a dislocated toes with a fracture but he is going to be ok) so as you can imagine I have been preoccupied with that and spending lots of time nursing him back to health. Maybe this is a good thing, I have not been able to get stressed out or nervous about the race because I am thinking and worrying about my dog. Tomorrow we will see I really hope its a good race.

Friday, June 3, 2011

That was a hard 10 mile run!

I just got back from my 10 mile run (90 min) and it was hard! I really struggled with it today and unfortunately I have developed some pain in my knee due to IT band issues. I woke up this morning with the intention of going on a 50 mile ride but when I woke up there was so much for I decided to do my run today instead. I ate my regular breakfast and set out to run. The first half went fine I had a pretty good pace and then all of the sudden when I turned around at the half way point I just started to struggle I was getting stomach cramps and I was starting to wheeze. I wanted to stop so bad but I told myself that sometimes workouts are hard and jut keep going then my knee started to hurt on and off.

Now as I type this I am drinking lots of water and icing the knee. I'm glad I just stuck with it and finished the workout. Tomorrow 50 mile ride.