Sunday, November 1, 2009

My diet got me in trouble...

I sent my coach the list of everything I eat in one day for 3 days and she was not happy with what she saw and understandably so. My days consisted of eating, burgers, fries, sloppy joes, chips, chocolate, and all sorts of other foods that are not that great for you.

I received an email from my coach this morning wondering how I was still alive and functioning after the list I sent her. She also said that if I want to have better performance in triathlons I need to eat better. I know I know, now I just have to apply what I know. I am going to do my healthier grocery shopping today and we will see where we go from there.

No surprises so far I knew I was not doing a good job with my diet and that it might affect my triathlon performance now I just need to apply what I know.


  1. Yeah. Diet sucks. I can get in a real groove there for a while. But, eventually, the doughnuts and burritos call to me with their siren songs!

  2. i thought i would fill you in on a few things i do in my diet.

    -Turkey bacon is actually pretty good.
    -if you want to have eggs, just do an egg white. thats where all the protein is and very little cholesterol.omellets etc, all good.
    -eat almonds as a snack, plenty of good fats and protein.
    -carbs are good, dont let anyone tell you differently.
    -eat more fruit and veg
    -take it easy on the cheese
    -avocadi is yummy and good for you.

    dont be hard on yourself when you do have a slip up. just do an extra hour on the bike.