Friday, October 30, 2009

My coach wants me to track what I eat! Oh no!

A couple days ago my coach, Larissa from Personal Best: Multisport Coaching told me that she was interested in what I was eating and she wanted me to write everything down. Not only did she want me to write everything down but she wanted me to write down the amount I consumed, the time, as well as everything I had to drink. Oh no I thought to myself, that day alone before 10am I had had a cup of tea, a muffin, a danish, and half of a turkey breast! I agreed because I am in the program 100% and want to do all I can to improve in my races.

I tried to explain to her that everyday of my diet is different, the only time I am consistent is the week before a triathlon. Larissa's solution to my inconsistency was to write everything down for 3 days, I am currently beginning day 2. I wonder what she is going to say and what I will have to change, the things one does for triathlon.......

Next post, what coach Larissa said about my diet, I am sure it will not be good!

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  1. monitoring your diet is not only about triathlon. Its about health and weight-loss as well. When i met my wife she started checking up on what i was eating and started cooking all my food for me as apposed to me eating junk food all the time.

    before i knew it i had lost 20 pounds without even really trying. Then i started running and i lost another 16 pounds. Endurance athletes also need to watch what they eat as its important for muscle recovery on rest days etc.

    It is probably also a good idea to look at supplements if you are not already taking any. 2 that have worked really well for me are 4 to 1 carb shakes mixed with branch chain amino acids after my workouts so that i am good to go the next day.