Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hagg Lake 2010 Done!

Yesterday was the Hagg Lake triathlon and it was hard and hot! Overall I did well. y shoulder believe it or not is still bothering me but even with that my swim was decent. My run was not as fast as I would have liked and I really need to work on my bike. I placed 21 out of 105 women so not bad at all! One anoyance though as I ran out of the water to transition 1 some of the competitors had some of their friends running with them on the mat. Not cool! It is already hard enough we don't need more obstacles. Here are the splits:

Overall time:1:30:45
Place 21/105
age group:6/25
Transition 1: 2:18
Bike: 0:46:27
Transition 2: 1:29


  1. Good job; doesn't it feel good to have it over? You got good times, I wish I was able to swim like you. :) I was only about 100 miles from you and it was TOO hot to do much so we only ran that day.