Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Should One Stop Training

Many times as someone who spends time trying to become good and fast at three sports I feel sore. Sometimes, I feel tired, sometimes my muscles are sore, sometimes I just don't feel like doing a workout but I do it anyway. If I skip a workout I feel guilty and this is not the way it should be. I mostly enjoy my workouts they are hard work and they help me achieve my goals but sometimes my legs feel heavy or recently my shoulder hurts and the question is when should I just deal with the pain and when should I not do a workout?

To me there is a fine line. Triathlons are hard. Pretty much every muscle in your body gets used therefore most or your muscles are sore when you train. Usually once you get going its fine but other times one "limps" through the workout. Today I did interval work. Tomorrow I will only be able to run because of equipment issues so I am going to do a 30 minute jog. Then on Friday I was thinking of taking a rest day because I have to run 15 miles on Saturday. But I know I will feel guilty on Friday even though I really know I should not. I guess I just have to try to not feel so guilty all the time and just enjoy my triathlon training to its fullest!


  1. 世間事沒有一樣沒有困難,只要有信心去做,至少可以做出一些成績。..................................................

  2. I often feel the same way so its not just you. My workouts are not nearly as hard as yours but I have the same guilt when I dont do my workout. For example, I rode my horse 12 miles Friday instead of any tri sports so I didn't feel THAT guilty. Enjoy your rare days off.