Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chrissie Wellington, Lance Armstron, Batman, and Chuck Norris

The results are in in the pole who would win the Ironman championships in Kona between Krissie Wellington, Lance Armstrong, Batman and Chuck Norris and the results were interesting.

Chrissie, Chuck, and Lance tied. Batman did not even get one vote! I wish this pole would allow for people would give their reason as to why they are voting on someone just to make it more interesting. I will be the tie breaker, my vote goes for Chrissie. She just seems to be getting faster and faster. I know it might be hard to beat Chuck Norris but he may get distracted doling out roundhouse kicks. After Lances bad luck and performance in the Tour de France I don't believe he would win and as for Batman we his suit is just too heavy and he would sink to the bottom during the swim!

Thanks to all who participated in this fun pole!


  1. After Chrissie's world record race, I think she could beat them all with one leg tied behind her back!