Monday, December 6, 2010

customized girl review

To all triathletes and endurance athletes out there do NOT order anything from . I recently recieved a present that wqas bought from their company a nice tech shirt with a "triathlon" logo on the front and my name on the back. When I opened the package I was really excited but when I looked at the logo up close I realized that the order was swim run bike. Oh no I thought what happened here, the person that bought it for me must of put each piece in and made a mistake.

I went onto the website to see what came up when I put in triathlon and to my surprise to logos came up one that was swim run bike and one that was Swim bike run. Unfortunately my brother who does not participate in triathlon, chose the one that they had uploaded in the WRONG order into their system.

I called to try and explain to Customized Girl that the logo they had on their website was out of order. The customer service supervisor told me me that that is triathlon and it is not listed under triathlon but endurance sports so its not their fault. They were willing to offer me the opportunity to re-order this expensive gift with a 30% discount.

I tried to explain to her that she was wroing and it was misleading to call that triathlon, she said he should of done more research and noticed and that is a triathlon. I said well what if you put in a search for marathon and the shirt says 26.1 instead of 26.2? Her response well, that could be a marathon these are just suggestions.

Anyway I got poor customer service from Customized Girl ( instead of just admitting that they had a mistake on their page they told me they could not do anything for me. Very very bad company let your friends know!

here is a screenshot of their page:

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