Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can I run a 5k in 7:50 minute miles?

I really want to become a faster runner, I really want to become faster at everything I am working hard on it but some things just do not seem to be happening like I want them to. The last two Mondays I have tried to run a 5k in the high 7's. The first mile I am able to do at 7:46 then the next half mile I can maintain and then its too much and I have to slow down and my total average pace ends up being 8:10. This is a good pace but I just want my total pace to be 7 something, even if it were 7:59 minute mile average I would be extremely happy.

I have a 5k race, the First Run of the Year on midnight on New Years Eve and I want to PR that 5k so I have about 3 weeks I am not sure if its possible. I have been doing intervals, any advice or is it just not going to happen?

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  1. Were you able to do it? I'm curious. I started reading your blog and it interests me. I love to run and used to do cross country. I'm trying to get back into it. :D