Friday, February 19, 2010

35 minute run EASY?

My triathlon workout for today called for an easy 35 minute run. This was supposed to be a recovery run after having a two hour ride yesterday. As it turns out today is a really really nice day for running so I put on my gear and went on my run.

I ran and ran and looked at my Garmin Forerunner to check out my pace and I was going way too fast. My pace was settling in at around a 9 minute mile. I should be going at around a 10 minute mile to make it an "easy" 35 minute run. But I was not able to maintain that pace. I am not sure why I can't maintain an "easy" pace?!

Well run is done, I think that what I have to work on the most is trying to maintain those easy recovery paces. If I am going to improve and stay injury free I need to slow down!

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