Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOOK ARC Pedals Gone?!?!

A couple of days ago I was giving my road bike some much needed maintenance when I noticed that the LOOK pedals I have on that bike are starting to get worn out which is not surprising since I have had them for about 3 years. Since I figured that I will soon have to buy new pedals I went online to see how much a pair of lower end look ARC pedals would set me back.

I searched on Performance bike, Nashbar, and Amazon where I am usually able to find good deals and to my surprise all I could find were LOOK KEO pedals. No look ARC to be found anywhere. After searching for a bit longer I realized that no one is selling the LOOK ARC anymore!?

I am very disappointed about this both my triathlon and road bike have look ARC pedals and I have extra cleats for these pedals I am not ready to spend $200 in order to change pedals on a road bike and a triathlon bike. So I have decided I am going to hold on and probably at some point end up buying LOOK KEO pedals. I hate when companies do stuff like this it is so frustrating!


  1. You can get a pair of Nashbar's Special Road Bike Pedal. They go for as little $25-30 and they come with the cleats. I put them on my second bike because I too had look peddles and wanted the same, at a lower price, for my second bike. Check it out.They arent bad at all.

  2. Asama sells a Wellgo pedal that is Look ARC cleat compatible.