Friday, February 12, 2010

Pool is a Busy Place!

I went swimming today and when I arrived at the pool the parking lot was completely full. Oh no I thought to myself if the parking lot is full I am going to have a hard time swimming as they usually only have two lanes open for lap swim. I went into the locker room changed came out to the pool and my fears were confirmed. There were about 50 people doing aqua aerobics and only 2 lanes open for lap swim, in one of the lanes there was a guy kind of just floating around.

I jumped in the lane with two people in it and we started doing a clock but all of our speeds and needs were different so I could not get my rhythm going. I managed to get my workout done anyway and my times were ok even though I had to navigate around so many people. I wish they would open at least one more lane for lap swim especially when all the lap swimmers are cramped into 2 lanes.

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