Saturday, February 13, 2010

New aero bars on Felt S32

I few posts ago I wrote about how I got a new triathlon bike the 2010 Felt S32. I am very happy with the bike but could not help upgrading the aero bars. I know that carbon bars make a huge difference in absorbing some of the bumps when riding so I shopped around and found some carbon aero bars that were affordable. I ended up buying the profile design cobra carbon bars that I had written about before.

I got the bars and took the bike to my favorite Portland bike shop Veloce and had Demetri and his crew install the bars. The whole bike was already perfectly fitted so I was a little worried about having to get re-fitted after the bars got changed but Demetri assured me that they would just take the measurements and fit the bars exactly. I have great trust in Veloce so I left my triathlon bike to get its upgrade.

When my bike was ready I went to pick it up and it looked great! What a difference some carbon aero bars look on the bike. I took it on a ride right away and it was so smooth. The fit is also spot on! Overall very exciting! I just cant wait to race!


  1. Woohoo! How exciting to get new aero bars! :)

  2. Thanks for letting us know about Veloce. I bought a bike on eBay and took it to Veloce to be assembled. Then I sprung for a fitting appointment with Demetri and couldn't have been happier! I will definitely be back.

    Congrats on the new aero bars!