Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swim Bike Run

Swim, bike, run, those are the components of triathlon and when training for triathlons I usually do not do all of them in one day but I did today. On the schedule for today's triathlon workout was a 35 minute run and 2400 yards of swimming. It was a relatively nice day here so I decided it would be fun to ride the 4.5 miles to the pool. I decided I was going to ride easy because I do not want my legs to be too tired for tomorrows run.

I rode there and it was kind of windy but I did take it easy and I was glad I did it as there were small parches of much needed sun. On the way home however it was a much different story. As soon as I stepped outside I felt a couple of raindrops. I looked into the sky and saw the dark clouds moving in. By the time I had unlocked my bike it was POURING! The rain continued to drop until I got home I was so soaked! At least I was just coming home and not trying to go anywhere else! I guess that is one of the "perks" of living in the pacific northwest!

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