Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amica Blue Lake Triathlon 2010 Done!

Today was the Amica 2010 Blue Lake triathlon it is part if this new series of triathlons called the 19.7 series I did not find this out until 3 days ago. What the 19.7 series basically means is that the bike ride is 16.1 miles instead of 12 miles. I was a little worried about this and I was also a little worried that yesterday I did the Tour de Cure Ride for diabetes and rode 27 miles. I was hoping my legs were not too tired.

I got to Blue Lake early, and the mosquitoes were out of control. They were so bad I had to put my wet suit on right away after I got my body markings. Another strange thing about this race is that my wave consisted on men 20-30, women 20-30, athenas, clydsdales, and relays. Very strange.

Anyway we got started and I had a great swim 13 minutes 23 seconds. My average bike was 18.1 miles per hour and my average pace for the run was 7:50. When I was done with the race I was feeling good so I waited around for results. I placed first in my age group and 10th overall! Great race. I still have to work on the bike though!


  1. Fantastic! congratulations!!!!! Looks like all your training is paying off!!!!

  2. Yay, good job! My next race is Danskin in Seattle, can't wait. Then Tri Turtle Tri and TREK in September. I'm not fast like you but I'll be able to finish. :)