Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lance Armstrong Hawaii 2011

I got a couple of comments on Lance Armstrong doing Ironman Hawaii and this is what I am going after other people's opinions! I read in cycling magazine today that lance will be participating in the Kona triathlon in 2011. I am sure at lot is on the line here with advertisers I would think that Ironman Triathlon viewing would go up just because Lance Armstrong is racing?

So this is the question I have now do I accept that yes Lance Armstrong is a great athlete. Yes he loves triathlon, yes he is cocky, and he is going to do great things for the sport by making it more televised and getting more sponsorship interest? This is something to consider, he might make the sport more popular which means that we get to watch it on tv more often.

I still think that he should qualify though and I hope he gets humbled.


  1. I am with you! He is an awesome athlete, but let him show it by earning his spot like the other 1699 people that have to complete in other events to get there!

  2. i may have to disagree.... Lance is, uh.. was an amazing triathlete. this we can agree on. But, not every participant in Kona has qualified, there is a lottery with the only stipulation is that you have to show that you are capable of completing the distance. This is usually by completing an ironman distance race and submitting the official results. However, several athletes (elite competitors even) less well known have been given a number judged by there distance and times posted in triathlons. One specifically was actually highlighted in the TV presentation of this year's Kona. One of the female elite competitors hadn't EVER run a marathon distance foot race let alone in an official ironman distance race.