Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swimming with a wetsuit PART 2

So I was one of the only people at a triathlon without a wetsuit and it was cold! Time to buy a wetsuit!

I did some research I wanted to buy a good triathlon wetsuit but at a good price. I was talking to a friend at work who is an Ironman and he told me about a local company out of Hood River, Oregon called ProMotion and recommended them to me. As look had it a was headed to Hood River in a few weeks so I decided to go check them out.

It was a very hot day in Hood River 100 plus degrees and the last thing I wanted to do was try on a wetsuit but I did. Of course it was hard to get it on since it was so hot but once it was on it felt good. They were also offering one that had been used a couple times for a great price so I bought it!

2 months later I wore the triathlon wetsuit for the first time at a race. It was true! It makes you float! Since then I have worn ProMotion wetsuits a few times during races and have had great times on my swims. I still prefer to feel free and not wear a wetsuit but it does help you float and maybe be a little faster. The things one learns in life.


  1. wet suits rule! as someone who has just figured out how to swim, I do like my wetsuit for all the help it gives....I suppose thatis like cheathing isnt it?!

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