Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I Crazy?!

Training for the Portland Marathon has started, it started on June 14th and yesterday was my first long run day in the training program. It was a 7 mile run at about two minutes slower than what I hope my marathon pace will be. The run went well I was able to maintain my pace pretty well so I was happy with that. When I got home my roommate was getting ready to leave on her 7 mile jog so I decided to eat a bar change shirts and go back out with her!

She runs at a slower pace than I do so I figured it would be fine. It went fine, when I had about 3 miles left in the run my knee started to feel a bit inflamed but other than that it went well. I was good for my morale to get 14.2 miles in yesterday but I don't think I will be running double again as I am a little sore today. My friends and family think I'm nuts!

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  1. I am a long-time distance runner. I have noticed, but not really seen in print anywhere, that there is something about a run-rest-run sequence that is bothersome to the knees for some reason. I'm sure it has something to do with the ligaments warming/stretching/cooling/tightening etc. I never sought a trainer's advice regarding this, but have just been cautious to not cool down then go again too quickly.