Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Training Program!

Yesterday was the first day of my new training program created by me after reading a few books and magazines. I have a few events coming up and I feel like I want to be really prepared for them and maybe break a couple of PRs so I really have to focus. The events coming up are Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon, Tour de Cure Ride For Diabetes, Amica Sprint Triathlon, City of Portland Olympic Triathlon, Eugene Women's Half Marathon, and Portland Marathon!

Yes quite a few events, I have never run a marathon and I have lofty goals for it! I was reading a book called 4 months to a 4 hour marathon so I am following the training in that book plus a few extras for my Eugene Half Marathon and Portland Marathon training. According to the book I can do it so I really, really, hope so.

For triathlon I am going to focus and riding a few more hills and getting some swims in now that my shoulder is heeled. My shoulder is still really weak from not using it but I think I am ready to swim. Every thursday starting on July 17 a group of people who are participating in the Portland Triathlon meet down by the Willamete River for a group open water swim it is a great way to practice.

Anyway today is day two every day I have at least two workouts, on today's menu, bike and swim!

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