Thursday, June 24, 2010

Active Day of Triathlon Training

Today was another beautiful day in the Portland area and I took full advantage of it. Since I am trying to get ready for Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon I went out on my bike in the morning to try and get some hill repeats in. They were hard.

Later on I went for a really nice long one hour walk and then I rode to the Willamette River to get a City of Portland training swim in. People are supposed to meet every Thursday until the actual triathlon but only four people showed up including me. One person left before the other two arrived so then there were just three of us. We were a little worried that there were not enough of us, you know safety in numbers...... so we just swam around the marine and the water was COLD! Anyway that was today not I am tired I just wish more people would have shown up for the swim.


  1. I'll try to be there next week. I was busy this week, but I think I can make it next week. Did you see that there is going to be a triathlon series this summer? Every two weeks there is a mini-sprint out at Hagg Lake??