Saturday, June 26, 2010

9 mile run (Portland Marathon)

Today was the second long run for my training for the Portland Marathon which will be taking place on October 10. On the menu was a 9 mile run at about a 10 minute per mile pace. The run went well with about half a mile to go the top of my left foot started to hurt which is worrying me a little. I also went a little too fast, my constant problem but I tried really hard to maintain the pace. My average pace was 9:48 as I said too fast but I guess at least I am in the general area.

My body feels good. I hope that this training program works and I am able to break the 4 hour mark on my first marathon! Next Saturday 11 miles.

On a side note with about 2 and a half miles to go I almost got hit by a car as someone rolled through a stop sign while I was already halfway into the street. To be fore the lady was apologetic but come on people stop signs mean stop!

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