Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Willamette River Swim

Starting on June 17 2010 there will be a group of people meeting at the Willamette River to practice their open water swimming, yes I did say the Willamette River! I know I know the river is dirty, you can't believe anyone would swim in it thats for crazy people with no sense but I am going to participate in this "craziness".

I have participated in the Portland Triathlon two years in a row and when I mention that we will me swimming in the Willamette people tend to make a strange noise followed by a strange face. They then ask him why I am doing it am I not scared? No I am not stared, the levels of bacteria are tested all the time if it were not safe we would be told we cannot swim in the river. The Portland Triathlon is a great race that is trying to bring awareness about the river by working with the Freshwater Trust. I am trying to support this and I hope other people do as well. You can swim in the Willamette!

So if you are interested in doing some open water swimming it takes place every Thursday starting on the 17th of June and ending the week before the triathlon on July 23. We meet at 6pm where the start of the triathlon is at Riverfront Marina. See you there!

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