Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hood to Coast 2010

Two days ago I was just sitting around thinking about random things when the idea came into my head, I wonder if I should try and do Hood to Coast. I know its only about 3 weeks away but I know that someone I know has a team that has an injured teammate and maybe I can get on. A few emails were sent and about 2 hours later I was on a team.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hood to Coast it is a very large relay race, in fact it is called the mother of all relays. It starts at Mt. Hood elevation 6,000 feet in Oregon and ends at sea level in Seaside, Oregon. It covers 197 miles and teams are usually made up of 12 people sharing 36 legs of the relay. Its a fun event which I have never done, people dress up and your support vans have crazy designs on them.

I have not really been training specifically for this but I have been doing a lot of running so I hope I am prepared and don't make a fool out of myself. My team is expecting to finish in about 30 hours!