Monday, August 23, 2010

Portland Triathlon Olympic Distance 2010 DONE!

Yesterday was the City of Portland Triathlon. They have two distances, the Sprint distance and the Olympic distance every year I choose to push myself a little harder as this is the last triathlon of the season for me and do the Olympic distance. My expectations of finishing in the top are never that high, I am not being negative I am just being realistic. On top of everything else I have had a bad cold with lots of coughing and phlegm for the last week which as you can imagine I was not happy about dealing with while doing an Olympic distance triathlon in a rather hilly bike course.

The temperature was perfect and there was not much wind until towards the end of the bike course. The swim although I have not been able to practice for it went really well I was 8th out of the water out of 90 women and 4th out of the water in my age group out of 35 women.

The bike ride was not so great my average speed was 16mph nothing to be ashamed of but not what I was going for. On the bike ride my breathing became more labored due to my cold and I knew I was going to be in trouble.

The run was not so great either. My first 5k (there are two loops) was hard and slow for my speed. The second loop involved a little walking for me so it brought down my average pace to 9:40 minute miles. Again nothing to be ashamed of but not what I was looking for.

All in all I placed right in the middle 15th/35 in age group and 41st/90 women. I am glad I did it and glad I finished it. Finishing any of these events is a big accomplishment and something to be proud of.

I have five days left to get rid of this cold/congestion before Hood to Coast come on!

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