Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last triathlon of 2010

Now that we are officially in August it is time to start preparing both mentally and physically for the last triathlon of the year for me the City of Portland Triathlon. I have been doing sprint distance races all year and this one will be an Olympic distance race. I know I have been having good swim times but my left arm is still really weak after my shoulder injury so I am not feeling very confident about the Olympic distance swim. Also as many of you know running 10k after swimming and biking is hard, very hard to try and maintain my 5k pace for 10k.

Anyway I guess I am just not really feeling 100% confident I am not sure why as I have had a pretty good racing year but I guess that is just what I am like. I think there are about 3 Thursday Willamette swims left before the Portland Triathlon so I will probably go to all of those to try and get my swimming distance in. Ok time to go do some track work.......


  1. I'll be doing the seattle Danskin in 10 days and I am having all the same feelings as you are. Am I ready? Will I be able to do it? I WILL and so WILL you. Good luck and have fun!