Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 Half Ironman Training

Today was day two of my half ironman rev3 training. Yesterday it poured rain but it wasn't a big problem because I had to run and I don't mind running in the rain but it poured rain again today and I had to ride my bike 20 miles in it. I was soaked literally within minutes there is only so much rain gear one can wear and I wore it but I still got wet. I rode at an ok speed 15mph when I got home I was completely drenched and freezing, I think it rained almost 2 inches there have even been landslides in the area.

After the bike ride time to go swimming I swam 1000 yards and mostly focused on my 500 yard swim time for the Beaver Freezer which is coming up in about 4 weeks. Right now I am swimming it in about 7:40 I was hoping for a 7:30 but 7:40 is good too. Ok now time for some dinner.

Workout for tomorrow 400 yard intervals.

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