Thursday, March 10, 2011

Training Day 9

Day 9 of training for the Rev3 half Ironman is today. What the schedule says to do is a 25 mile bike ride followed by a 1000 yard swim. I woke up this morning to 25mph winds and gusts up to 40mph so I have decided, even though I feel guilty not to do the ride portion of todays workout.

Even though I feel guilty I think this might be the right decision. I also have the Shamrock 5k run and Sunday and I was not planning on taking any days off or altering my workouts but maybe its better to give my legs a rest for one day especially since yesterday I did ten 400 meter intervals the winds were also strong yesterday but not 25mph.

So there is is, tomorrow 30 mile ride the wind is predicted to be "only" 12mph!

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