Friday, March 4, 2011

Training Day 5

Yesterday was training day 4 for the Rev3 half Ironman and it did not go very well I only rode 17 out of 20 scheduled miles and my swim time for 500 yards was 15 seconds slower than I wanted it to be. I put all that behind me today in day 5 of training on the menu, 25 mile ride.

The wind was really strong today, it was shifting me from side to side at times which was quite scary I kept hoping I would not get pushed off the bike. I kept on going though knowing that at some point the headwind would become the tail wind. After about an hour of riding against the wind I finally turned around! When I was going against the wind I was going about 10mph when I turned around I was going 23mph! After about 1 hour 50 minutes I had finally completed a very hard winter ride. I was exhausted! Tomorrow, 50 minute run.

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