Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 mile run

According to Hal Hidgeon who I have been following in preparation for the last week of training for the Hippie chick half marathon on the training menu for today was a 2 mile run. I thought to myself easy, and headed out the door. I am not sure what the deal is because I felt pretty winded while I was running 2 miles. So of course at this point I start to think well if I can't run 2 miles how will I run 13.1 at the Hippie Chick.

I know I know I am in shape I have been training and I should be fine but why was running 2 miles so strenuous?! I will try to stop thinking about it and just think positive. Since its not raining I think I will go for an "easy" hike in the forest to clear my head.


  1. The taper is the worst!!!! Give me a killer workout over the taper any time! At least the half is this weekend. You will do great...just stay off the unicycle until after!!!

  2. I wish I could go to Oregon to cheer you on! Good luck and HAVE FUN. Denise

  3. thanks guys, I am going to packet pick up soon. Nervous.... I will write all about the race on Saturday. Thanks again for the encouragement!