Thursday, May 13, 2010

Helmet Camera

A couple days ago I was limping around Costco recovering from my half marathon just looking at the electronics out of curiosity. All of the sudden I saw this small little vedeo camera for under $100. I picked it up to take a closer look at it was a waterproof helmet camera! I had always had this perception that helmet cameras especially a waterproof one would be totally unattainable.

I thought this might be a fun little toy to have during a race or a long ride or even to film a swim. I did not get it though because I am trying to save money but I am glad I learned that it is a possibility to be able to afford a waterproof helmet camera!

I like to film events and take pictures, I especially think there is not enough quality triathlon video material on the market and if one does find some it is really expensive so I think its fun to film my own. Anyway when I got home I did some research and there is a wide range of prices and quality for waterproof and regular camera helmets maybe one day I will get one!

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