Monday, May 3, 2010

Half Marathon in 6 days!

I am 6 days away from participating in the Hippie Chick Half marathon and I must admit that I am getting a little nervous about it! I have started to taper, my last long run was last Tuesday 11.5 miles. Today instead of running or biking I am going to go on a very long walk because my legs feel a little tired. I think that tomorrow I will probably go on a five mile run and go from there.

I am a little lost now that I do not have a coach, I seem to have become dependent on Larissa for coaching and advice. I did not have a coach before and I made all these decisions by myself before so I am not sure what my issue is. Anyway I am off for my long walk now. I hope I am making the right decisions 6 days before my half marathon!


  1. I'm sure you are doing everything right and you will do fine in the race. Good Luck.

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