Monday, May 10, 2010

Half Marathon Recovery

The 2010 Hippie Chick marathon was 2 days ago and so far for recovery I have had lots of food and have slept a fair amount. I also gave myself a semi ice bath. I really can't bring myself to have an actual ice bath but what I have been doing instead when I am done working out is just taking ice packs and putting them all over my body for about 10 minutes while I watch tv. This really seems to be working.

Also yesterday I got a massage which was really nice. I also just took it easy went on a 2 mile walk instead of having a "real" workout. So now the question is what should I do today. My left hamstring is a little tight especially when walking so I figured last night that today I would probably ride my bike but of course this is Oregon and it is raining it not loner sounds as appealing. But I will probably end up doing that anyway.

Now start focusing on triathlon again, next race is in July Hagg Lake Sprint triathlon. Looking forward to that!


  1. I saw in one of your earlier blogs where I could purchase training plans for various triathlons. Can you give me more details? I want to do my first Olympic, have decided on Hagg Lake & I only have 8 weeks to be ready. I am somewhat in shape and right now I could do a sprint, maybe. Would one of these plans get me ready in time? Denise

  2. Hi,
    Hagg lake that is a nice one! I participate in that race, I do the sprint lots of nice scenery and rolling hills. Usually the training plans are for 12 weeks but since you are in shape it might be possible to start 4 to 5 weeks in. The first few weeks tend to be more of a condition phase so if you are already in shape.....

    It is a short time to get ready but I think it is possible especially since you are in shape I think it is attainable but no ideal!

    Good luck I know you can do it!