Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Triathlon and Wetsuits

Do I need a wetsuit for triathlons? is a question I hear over and over from people who are just starting off in the sport of triathlon. Well it depends I tell them, where will you be swimming what temperature is the water? How comfortable are you as a swimmer? I hope to answer some people new to triathlon about their wetsuit concerns!

Do I need a wetsuit for my triathlon?
If you are swimming in a pool no! If you are swimming in a lake, river, or ocean and the water is cold at about 73 degrees or less I would recommend a wetsuit. I have a sleeveless (farmer John) one because I have found that the sleeves make me feel like I have heavy arms.

Will a wetsuit help me in the swim?
At first I thought this was a myth but a wetsuit makes one float a little more so in theory it can make the swim a little "easier" as your body will become more buoyant. However when you reach transition taking the wetsuit off can be a bit of a hassle!

What wetsuit do I use for triathlon?
There are triathlon specific wetsuits and I recommend buying one of these if you are getting a wetsuit. They are designed in a way that is better for swimming than say a surfing wetsuit. When you put the wetsuit on it should feel tight but not uncomfortable, when you get in the water you don't want a whole lot of water to come into it, this will make you sink!

I hope this has answered some questions regarding the whole should I wear a wetsuit in my triathlon debate! This would have been helpful to me when I first started. Good Luck!

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