Monday, March 8, 2010

Best 8 Mile Run EVER!

I just got back from my run and it was by far the best run I have had in my whole life and I am very happy about this. My breathing was great and I felt strong. I did go a little faster than my workout indicated but other than that a wonderful run.

I feel like all this training with my coach Larissa is paying off and also the use of electrolytes. I usually do not even bring water but Larissa has been drilling into me how important nutrition is. I usually do not like to put stuff in my water because it makes me feel sick or there is too much sugar in it but about half a year ago I discovered NUUN and it works really well for me. You get to have nutrition in your water but without all the sugar and it does not taste that strong, so if you have problems like I do about this I highly recomend trying NUUN. Ok just wanted to update you guys on the best run ever!


  1. Congratulations! That is fantastic news!

    The running aspect of the tri is by far the most difficult for me. I bought the Chi Running book and am thinking of taking a Chi Running class because I really need to figure it out. I'm glad your work with a coach is paying off so well for you!

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