Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can't get my tires on my wheels!

I am having the strangest problem, I cannot get my road bike tires on my wheels! Now I have never really been an expert at changing a flat or changing wheels on a bike but I am able to do it. Some times are harder then others but I have always managed to get the job done.

Last year for Christmas I got some really nice yellow Continental race tires for my road bike. I took the old tires off of my bike and attempted to put on the new ones, I tried for two whole days and was just not able to get the\at little last bit on. I asked one of my friends who is an avid cyclist to help me put the tires on the bike and she was not able to do it either I'm pretty sure she said "these are the tightest tires ever!"

Not knowing what to do I went to my local bike shop the Community Cycling Center and asked one of the guys there to help me. It took him about 15 minutes to get the tires on and he used some sort of special tool which I cannot remember what is called but I ended up buying one for %15 to help me in the future with all my tire changing needs.

Since then I have gotten a couple flats, had to get picked up because I could not change the tire but have been able to do it at home with plenty of time to waste. A couple of days ago the story changed I got a flat fixed it and I cannot get the tire bike on the wheel! It is ridiculous! I had to take a break, I will work on it again tomorrow. I have also bought new tires for my road bike because this is just crazy. I would usually blame it on myself but other people can't do it either. These are the weirdest tightest tires ever!


  1. Funny you write about this because I've recently had the same problem, especially with the yellow Continental trainer tire I recently purchased. I used a clamp to secure one side and a screwdriver along with my standard bike tire tool to wedge the tire into place. I worked very hard on it and felt at times that I would either tear the tire or bend the rim, but I got it on! Once it was on, it was MUCH easier to re-install after fixing a flat, presumably because it stretched itself out. Despite the challenges, the Continental tire for the trainer is one of the better bike-related purchases I've ever made.

  2. I'm going through the same thing with these continental ultra sports. I can't get it on either. There's been a lot of this: FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU.......