Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers

As I mentioned before I am reading the book Born to Run and I am very very interested in the information it has been giving me. Yesterday in the book I read a lot about bare foot running and how it is so much better for you than running with some nice cushioned shoes. I also learned about the whole barefoot running movement and how there are more people who run around barefoot than one would expect.

They say that running without those super cushioned shoes improve your technique, help you get faster, help you get stronger, and prevent injury. It makes sense, if you look at history many tribes ran around and still do either in bare feet or sandals and they seem to be fine.

So I have been thinking that maybe I should give this barefoot running a try. But then I realized how will I run barefoot in the city without getting really nasty feet or cut them up with glass. A few pages later the book gave me the answer Vibram FiveFingers. Apparently these are kind of like shoes in that they protect your feet but still maintain the integrity of what your foot should be doing when running, landing and pushing off. Vibram FiveFingers also come in many models and for men and women. Some are for running others for hiking it is worth checking out what they have. I am going to do a little more research on this and ok it with my coach Larissa but it all sounds very interesting to me. Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. A few people at work wear the VFFs and swear by them. I am also looking into trying these out in the future. I understand there is some break in period, switching from shoes to none. Good Luck!