Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Triathlon Racing Problems

My first race of the season the Beaver Freezer is this Saturday and my shoulder is still bothering me. I have not been able to swim for two weeks three days now and it is very frustrating. I am also in talks with my coach Larissa because she feels that if I am have some pain in my shoulder I should not be racing.

I am insisting in participating in the Beaver Freezer and this is not making my triathlon coach happy. I understand that it is probably best to not race in what is considered to be a small race but this race is a big deal for me and for people in this area (it sells out in under 2 hours!) So I am going against what my coach says and racing. I don't think my swim will be great but I will be able to do it and I will be able to finish the triathlon.

I also will not have another triathlon until July so I figure this gives me plenty of time to recover. I will let you guys not how I do on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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