Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nuun Electrolytes

Almost two weeks ago I had the best 8 mile run of my life and part of the reason I think was because of my use of electrolytes. As I mentioned before over the years I have not been able to find an electrolyte that does not make me feel sick until I came across Nuun.

The reasons I like Nuun are that they do not have sugar and the flavor is not too strong. I almost feel like I am just drinking water with a little hint of flavor. For me this is great because I am able to get the minerals I need without forcing myself to drink something that does not taste good to me. Nuun picked up on how much I love this product and that I want to share it with everyone so they sent me a few canisters! This is great! I am already handing Nuun out and have a few converts! Thanks again Nuun for such a great product!

My first triathlon of the season is in two weeks and I will be sure to have my Nuun with me!

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