Friday, January 29, 2010

High Heart Rate in the Heat

It is amazing how much ones heart rate can change when running in the heat. For the past week I have been running in a hot humid climate and my heart rate has gone up about 15 beats per minute. I have also noticed that I find it a little harder to breath. I find this all very interesting.

I have been reporting back to my coach and after consulting with her I am just going to try and keep my heart rate at what it should be and not really worry about the pace which translates into I will probably have to run very very slow.

Anyway this is the update with my triathlon training. I will let you know how slow I had to run in order to keep the heart rate.


  1. hey, its been a while since i caught one of your posts. yeah your heart rate will be higher when it is hot out. where are you that it is so hot and humid.

  2. This makes sense. Your heart is pumping blood through the body to keep your body cool. As your body becomes used to the climate, it will calm down a bit.

    Don't worry. Once you make it back to rainy Portland your body will be cool enough!